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Determining Reassessment Intervals

Posted on 11/4/2020 2:17:00 PM
Determining Reassessment Intervals
Determining Reassessment Intervals

The timing of the reassessment of a gas pipeline is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the pipeline. The ideal reassessment interval is not too short that it adds unnecessary costs and risks, but also not too long that failures go unnoticed. Both spectrums of reassessment intervals can cause problems. 

Between assessment methods and industry regulations, there are different approaches to reassessment intervals. However, industry expertise and knowledge has proven to yield strong results. This review will assist as pipeline operators consider these options.  

Lake Superior Consulting (LSC) used expertise through years of working with examiners to guide the calculation of a reassessment interval for a U.S. pipeline operator. LSC was able to make recommendations that saved the operator money and provided a successful plan.


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