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API 1163 Data Validation
API 1163 defines requirements for in-line inspections for service providers and operators. The standard provides guidance for tool selection and performance and defines three levels of validatio...
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Determining Methods of Assessment in Water Pipelines
Water pipelines play integral roles in distributing water to communities and operating industrial facilities. These pipelines must be assessed to maintain a safe environment and consistent produ...
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Determining Reassessment Intervals
The timing of the reassessment of a gas pipeline is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the pipeline. The ideal reassessment interval is not too short that it adds unnecessary costs and risk...
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Follow the Most Perfect Path
Trenchless construction methods present invaluable solutions in situations when pipelines need to cross physical obstacles, when trenches are not feasible, or when jurisdictional authorities req...
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Guidelines for a Complete Coating Inspection
Coating inspectors perform routine tests and readings during a coating application. But are there additional quality control (QC) tests that can help prevent failures? Or in the case of a failur...
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How E Log I Testing Protects Underground Gas Wells
With the rise in natural gas consumption comes the need for safe and reliable production and storage. Gas wells and underground storage wells are an important aspect to meet this demand. The acc...
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Managing Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion
Pipeline corrosion can impact its structural integrity and cause disruption to the pipeline's operation. One of the causes of corrosion is microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). The chall...
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RTU Conversion
Remote terminal units (RTUs) monitor and control field devices and typically need maintenance or replacement.Lake Superior Consulting ...

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