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Working Together with Our Customers to Improve the Energy Infrastructure Industry

The leaders at Lake Superior Consulting will work with your extended team to ensure that you get the highest standard of services. 

Executive Management

Ryan Swor
Vice President and General Manager

David Hokanson

Vice President of Engineering

Aaron Perrault
Director of Pipeline Engineering

Joe Nielsen
Director of Facilities Engineering

Mark Cadle
Director of Corrosion Control

Chris Fields
Director of Core Services

Christina Knetsch
Director of Special Projects

David Johnson
Director of Project Execution

Robert Unzen
Director of Human Resources

Ann Feitel
Director of Marketing and Business Development

Maya Mattke

Bill Pedersen
Engineering Director

Curtis Fry
Regional Engineering Director

Steven Wenzel
Program Director

Nick Anderson
Program Director

Jon Hoven
Business Manager of Commercial Support

With more than 300 technical staff and over 30 technical disciplines, Lake Superior Consulting is ready to help your operation achieve its goals. 

Our project teams pride themselves on communication so that you know the status of your projects, all of the time. To that end, we have offices in the following locations to include our Duluth, MN headquarters and our regional offices in Minneapolis, Houston, Pittsburgh, Omaha, Kansas City, and Nashville to better serve you.