Outgrowing Duluth Housing

A recent study commissioned by the Duluth Economic Development Authority (DEDA) and Duluth Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) indicated the current growth of the Duluth job market surpasses the availability of quality housing in the area. In part due to the growth of companies like LSC and other booming industries (“natural resources and mining, construction, education, healthcare services, and accommodation and food service”), Duluth projects the need for significant housing developmental upgrades to attract and accommodate a highly-skilled, young workforce.

The City of Duluth says, “Over the next seven years, employment in the Arrowhead region, including Duluth, is projected to grow by 13.1 percent. Companies like AAR Aircraft Maintenance Services are expanding and in need of attracting more mechanics; Lake Superior Consulting and Enbridge are seeking skilled engineers; and the city will be experiencing a construction boom over the next several years with about $200 million in economic development projects in downtown alone, one of which is the $70 million Maurices headquarters that will house 600 employees, 175 of which are new positions.”

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